About Sunil

sunil-jagani1-1024x742Golf is a sport and business is work. How do they two interrelate?

Sunil has an answer to that!

Sunil Jagani, the man behind the success of AllianceTek, a rapidly growing IT consultancy firm based in USA and abroad, is also an avid golfer.

And, the answer that Sunil gives about the relation between golf and business is,

“Just like how hard it is to secure a hole-in-one in golf, similarly in business it is not easy to achieve success. And, that’s where you know that you need to keep trying”.

Sunil’s professional career spans 22 years, across diverse companies. In 2004, he created AllianceTek, after observing that current IT landscape was disrupted by unnecessary challenges that were posing hindrance for growing businesses.

Irrespective to how his whole journey has been so far, there has been one constant in his life – an unending love for golf, a game that he regularly plays and is most passionate about. He believes there is more to golf than just playing it.


Golf is incredibly difficult and missing a lot of shots, even the most simple ones – like a four-foot-putt – will be commonplace. That doesn’t mean you get angry and put your stress into the next shots, which you will miss apparently. The game rewards those who never lose their temper, remain calm under stress, and think strategically. Aren’t they all virtues of business too?


The world’s greatest sport also teaches you many lessons of leadership. Sunil points out 4 vital properties of golf: Focus, Patience, Having a Strategy, Never Stopping to Learn.

Patience – “A good golfer needs to have patience – patience to wait between the breaks.”

Focus – “Instead of thinking what went wrong, golf teaches you to focus on the next shot that is important. Regaining focus – clear focus – after a bad shot is the most crucial part.”

Strategy – “Formulating a strategy before every game is the first and foremost step to be followed to win it”

Learning – “Either you persistently practice and improve your skills or you start to perish. Whether it is the game or your life, never cease learning”

Developing these qualities also helps you shape your business skills and make informed decisions.


The game mostly attracts top officials from corporates and golf gives you a chance to increase your network with many important people. And, in a four-hour game of golf, you spend only a small portion of time in actually hitting the ball. Hence, there is plenty of time to talk.

In short, golf teaches you a lot about life and leadership. A shaky start doesn’t mean you will end up losing. Have a clear vision, focus on your goals, gain momentum, and finish strong. Apply the same to your business.

Favorite Player

I admire Phil Mickelson.