Tee Off – How to perfect your tee shot?

Tee Off - How to perfect your tee shot? - Sunil Jagani Blog

Teeing the ball could be the most significant shot of an entire round and golfers those who have perfected their teeing off have a better day at course.

Teeing off, or in simpler words, the first stroke of each hole is the only shot where you have an advantage of not let grass come between club and ball. It becomes easier to hit a shot and impact gives you more control over direction and distance.

However, it’s not as easy as it looks.

You probably might have saved yourself from a lower trajectory, but getting a home in two takes more than just a perfect swing.

How to perfect teeing off?


Forget your gameplan – I get it! Every golfer comes with a gameplan and has that one technical shot planned. But, hitting that on the first shot itself might not work all the time. Acting out of your comfort zone will often add to the nerves and might not give you the solid start. Therefore, choose a shot you are comfortable with, evaluate the natural forces, select the right club, keep calm and hit .

Hold your head high – I meant literally! Holding your head high means you will give enough room for your shoulder to turn full length. Pro golfer Tiger Woods often stresses on this point.

Leave bad shots behind – “Golf is a game that you play 80 percent mentally and 20 percent physically”. Golfers often dwell on shots that drove into the woods or water instead of fairway. This affects the rest of the shots and only helps in worsening the game. Hence, move on to the next shot as soon as you have hit one and put the bad shots behind.

Waggle, at least twice – Waggling is important! Some players do it for a minute, some do it a little. Waggling a club before putting it into action will make the muscles in your hands and forearms loose. Your opening drive will be a fluid this way.

Making your way successfully through the challenging water hazards, lush green trees, or the beautiful sand bunkers at the first shot could be easy. All you need to do is play the game like you own the course.