How To Better Your Game? Top 4 Golf Tips


Missed a shot? Probably, you might want to break your club right there, but then, you control your anger and try it again. Another miss! Aaargh….

In my experience, I’ve seen many golfers – novice as well as amateurs – struggling with their shots most of the time; even in the case of the most simplest ones. And, as soon as it happens, they tend to lose it. This results in a deliberate effort to mindlessly pound the balls, which makes the situation even worse.

So, where does the problem lies? Am I not meant for this sport? Maybe golf was never not my cup of tea? Well, let me clarify something here – It’s as much as your cup of tea as is of anyone else. You have the ability to play much better golf like Tiger Woods or any other world-class performer. This is not the  kind of skill that people are born with. You build it yourself.

If by now, you have started thinking that you can still do great, then you are absolutely correct. But, it’s going to take more than just practice.

A profound knowhow– “Little knowledge is a dangerous thing” – the phrase that reminds you of your alma-mater stands correct for its every syllable here. You might be spending a lot of time under the sun, getting training lessons from PGA-certified instructors, and doing what not. But, how much time did you spend in knowing about the game.

The first thing every golfer must do is to read. Can you tell how many forms of golf are there or what is the exact difference between different clubs you can choose from? Are you aware of the physics related to it, that balls travel significantly further on hot days? Can you tell how many dimples are there on a regular golf ball?

Learning the A-Z of golf is essential. And, I’m not saying that you start practicing only when you have known the game inside out, which will be practically impossible. All I am saying is, you need to begin.

Suppress your anger – “I missed a four-foot putt. Show me the way out please, I’m not made for it”. Welcome to your brain! Our brain’s response to failure is basically anger. When your play doesn’t matches your expectations, the stress response in your brain fires up and you stand making wrong decisions.

Cut yourself some slack! Don’t let emotions take control of your play. The days when you can’t score, just play for practice and fun. The more your anger goes up, the more shots you miss, which means you will be more nervous this time than you previously were.

Put your peace into the shot and seek the advice of your coach. Know where you are going wrong and focus over there to improve.

Tricky shots can sometimes do wonders – This is what really separates world-class performers from everyone else. The ability to curve the ball, or juggle it can sometimes help you escape difficult situations.

Train yourself to hit from the most uneven surfaces, or try hitting shots through the space between the branches of a tree. Every time you try to hit a peculiar shot, you’ll explore more about how you can use nature towards your advantage.

Your wrist strength and coordination will improve in the process. However, before testing the waters, you should be clear about the strategies you are going to apply.

Timing is everything – Timing can be everything sometimes. Being a golfer for the past 10 years, I’ve observed it – with myself as well as other professional golfers – and every time the revelation comes with a perfect example. I’ve seen even the most flawless swings missing the hole, and birdies coming out one after another from newcomers.

Of course, it wasn’t luck. Timing is the key and it starts on the takeaway, runs down to the swing finally ending at the impact.