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Planning a golf vacation? Try Maui - Sunil Jagani Golf Blog

Planning a golf vacation? Try Maui

Golfers love spending time at the course whenever they get the opportunity. However, this comes often at the cost of spending less time with their family. Whenever there is a long weekend or a vacation, you would be planning to spend maximum time at the nearest course. But, at the same time, your family might get their hopes high too… Read more →

Shanking Your Shot by Sunil Jagani

Shanking Your Shot

Few things in golf are worse than something going wrong with your swing.  This is especially nerve-wracking when it starts your game.   We’ve all hit dreaded “shank” shots, which defy logic and soar hundreds of feet into the air until landing just a couple feet from where you hit them.  Shank shots happen when, instead of connecting the club… Read more →